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Allestree Park Golf Club
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Terms and conditions of offer.

A CONGU Handicap is recognised by all Golfing Unions, Associations and Clubs throughout the world as indicative of the standard of play of the player thus allowing golfers to play courses and enter competitions throughout the world and be justifiably accepted as a bona fide player.

The CONGU Handicap offer from APGC is based on new members joining APGC for the 2019 season and receiving full refund for 3 handicap qualifying rounds.

Applicants to be accepted as new members to APGC for 2019 season and pay annual club membership subscription (120 for adult members, 100 for adults over 60). 2019 season begins 1st April.

New club members will receive a cash refund from APGC as re-imbursement for 3 handicap qualifying green fees undertaken at Allestree Park Golf Course (15 weekends, 10 weekdays)

As an example - a new club member aged over 60 years would pay 100 club membership for 2018 season and receive a maximum refund of 45 upon completion of 3 handicap qualifying rounds.

A maximum of 3 handicap qualifying rounds will be refunded. The score card for each round to be submitted to APGC mens golf committee for the purposes of obtaining CONGU Handicap.

Amount refunded will be the exact amount spent by the new member on green fees for the 3 handicap qualifying rounds. Allestree Park pro-shop green fee receipts to be attached to each score card.

New members are obliged to recognise APGC as their first club and hold their CONGU Handicap at APGC for one year following achievement of their handicap.

Offer expires 31st October 2019

For more information please contact APGC via our website or by phone call or why not drop into clubhouse during opening hours where a club member will be only too pleased to discuss terms of the offer and advantages of club membership with you.